Connect2017 – the First Polish Innovative Furniture Connector System for Different Wood and Wood-Based Materials in the Furniture Industry.

The project includes the development, modelling, prototyping, testing and implementation of an innovative furniture connector set for making joints between different materials (wood, wood- based and non-wood furniture materials).

The subject of the project is an innovative versatile furniture system of connectors that enables joining materials with different properties. The designed connector set is fully enclosed in the board, there are no jutting out components reducing usefulness and aesthetic value. The joint using the connector will be truly disconnectable, namely it will have the same beneficial structural properties not only during the first but also during the second and subsequent assembly. Ensured capabilities: joint tension force adjustable, as needed, high load-carrying ability and rigidity of the joint, joints can be applied in both the industrial process and in the place of furniture use by means of simple portable machine tools. Thus the connector can be used in both industrially manufactured furniture and furniture made or adjusted by the manufacturer on site. The connector can be used by non-professionals on their own using portable hand-held power tools fitted with appropriate instrumentation.

The project result will be the implementation of the following innovative products by the Applicant as part of Applicant’s activity:

  1. the family of innovative furniture connectors together with a portable tool set – instrumentation for popular power tools – to enable easy preparation of connector sockets, 2. the prototype solution will be applied in a selected group of furniture – built-in wardrobes.

The first Polish family of furniture connectors of this type will enable the creation of modern furniture designs.

Project value: 5 805 527.77 PLN

Contribution of European Funds: 4 231 554.29 PLN

Beneficiary: DIGITOUCH LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY (owner of the brand