Poland's first innovative universal furniture connector system for joining various wood and wood-based materials in the furniture industry.

The project will involve the development, modeling, prototyping, testing and implementation of a set of innovative furniture connectors for making connections between different materials (wood, wood-based plastics and non-wood furniture materials).

The subject of the project is an innovative universal furniture connector, making it possible to combine materials of different properties. The planned connector is completely embedded in the board, there are no protruding elements reducing usability and aesthetics. The joint constructed with its use will be truly separable, that is, not only in the first assembly, but also in the second and subsequent ones, it will have the same beneficial structural properties. It will ensure: the possibility of adjusting the tension of the connection depending on the needs, high load-bearing capacity and stiffness of the connection, the possibility of making the connections both in the industrial process and at the place of furniture use with the use of simple portable machine tools. Thus, the connector can be used both in industrially manufactured furniture as well as in furniture made or fitted by the manufacturer on the customer's premises. The connector can be used by non-professionals using portable power tools equipped with appropriate attachments.

The result of the project will be the implementation of the following innovative products by the Applicant within its business:

1. a family of innovative furniture connectors together with a portable set of tools - attachments for popular power tools - allowing for easy installation of sockets for connectors,

2. the prototype solution will be applied to a selected group of furniture - built-in closets.

The first Polish family of furniture connectors of this type will make it possible to create modern furniture designs.

"The project "First Polish innovative universal furniture connector system for joining various wood and wood-based materials in the furniture industry" is co-financed from European Funds under Measure 1.2 of the Operational Programme Intelligent Development "Sectoral R&D Programmes", Sector Programme: WoodINN."

Project value: 5 805 527.77 PLN

European Funds contribution: 4,231,554.29 PLN