kolekcja mebli flow

designer: Cyryl Zakrzewski

kolekcja mebli nexus

designer: Cyryl Zakrzewski

garderoba ripple w ramie z orzecha włoskiego

designer: Cyryl Zakrzewski

stolik pod tv ripple small

designer: Cyryl Zakrzewski

biurko z orzecha włoskiegoripple

designer: Cyryl Zakrzewski

okrągły stolik Fungus

designer: Cyryl Zakrzewski

stół jadalniany Fungus

designer: Cyryl Zakrzewski

okrągły stolik Fungus soundwave

designer: Cyryl Zakrzewski

porcelain potatoes

designer Marek Cecuła

The porcelain salt and pepper shakers designed by Marek Cecula with the city of Poznań and the region of Wielkopolska in mind are a perfect gift and a functional design object at the same time. At the invitation of the project's originator and curator Agnieszka Ziółkowska from the foundation, the charismatic designer has created unique porcelain objects symbolizing the values and traditions of Poznan.


designer Marek Cecuła

Fun with form and functionality in one - this is LIMBO.
The mugs are made of stained, matte porcelain with a glazed interior.
From a choice of colors - something for everyone - LIMBO mugs are available in many colors.


designer Marek Cecuła

This product is an improvement to the safety and stability of a coffee mug used next to a computer.
The silicone O-ring at the base of the cup creates a soft and stable contact between the porcelain and the table surface.

Drink safely


designer Marek Cecuła

White and graphite porcelain crumpled like paper. Dishwasher and microwave safe.
The collection of bent mugs and vases has been around since 1995 and continues to be popular.
Today we are adding a new version to this popular series in stained graphite porcelain.


designer Marek Cecuła

The irregular porcelain forms of the salt and pepper shakers are seasoned with a pinch of knowledge about the origins of the two most commonly used spices.


designer Marek Cecuła

RANDOM is a cup ruled by chance. Randomly selected three digits create a thousand possible combinations.
Black numbers on a white background provide decoration as well as an identification system.
Makes it easy to recognize your own mug in the clutter of a kitchen cupboard or at a party.

LAMPa avocado peNdant

designer Tomasz Andrzej Rudkiewicz

Elegant decorative lamp made of thick handmade glass.
AVOCADO PENDANT can be a source of mood lighting and an eye-catching design element.
Ideal for modern and classic interiors,
as a pendant lamp, night lamp or purely decorative.


designer Tomasz Andrzej Rudkiewicz

A series of lamps based on the principle of transition from two-dimensional, numerically cut profiles, to three-dimensional spatial forms.
Referring to aircraft structures, the luminous sculpture looks best in spacious, high interiors.


designer Tomasz Andrzej Rudkiewicz

A remake of the popular REFLEX lamp series from the 1980s.
In the socialist market of the time, these lamps were a rarity.
As a modern, colorful, quality product, they stood out against the gray, sad, socialist reality.
They lit up thousands of Polish homes, becoming an icon of Polish design of those years.
They played on the sets of films by Krzysztof Kieślowski and Stanisław Bareja.


designer Tomasz Andrzej Rudkiewicz

A series of lamps based on the principle of transition from two-dimensional, numerically cut profiles, to three-dimensional spatial forms.
Referring to aircraft structures, the luminous sculpture looks best in spacious, high interiors.
The Zeppelin Ply is made from a special warp-resistant aircraft plywood manufactured in Finland.

double decker bed

designer Karol Starczewski

LOCOSYSTEM double bed is a great solution for siblings and a convenient way to overnight guests in your apartment.
A bunk bed is actually a bed in a bed.
By placing a pull-out frame with mattress under the main bed, an additional full-size sleeping space was obtained.
When it is not needed, it stays hidden and you can enjoy a comfortable single bed that matches the design of the rest of the system.

Folding SOFA

designer Karol Starczewski

The basic element of the system is a folding sofa, which is also a full-fledged, comfortable bed with a case for bedding.
It also allows you to quickly and conveniently expand the number of sleeping spaces in your home.
The basic element of the system is a folding sofa, which is also a full-fledged, comfortable bed with a case for bedding.


designer Karol Starczewski
Cyryl Zakrzewski

The free-standing bookcase, depending on the needs, can create a home library or separate passageways in the apartment or office.
Can come with sliding stainless steel doors that allow you to freely display or hide items as needed.
An additional desktop provides a comfortable workspace.
When not in use, the desktop can be hung on a bookcase to act as a sliding door.


designer Karol Starczewski
Cyryl Zakrzewski

A special kind of LOCOSYSTEM racks designed for home multimedia equipment.
The variants presented can be freely adjusted to individual needs and dimensions of the equipment.


designer Karol Starczewski
Cyryl Zakrzewski

A practical, versatile dresser for storing clothes and accessories.
Thanks to its three widths, the LOCOSYSTEM chest of drawers can be adapted to any home.
Available in a variety of finishes. High quality drawer slides provide comfort of use.

garderoba locosystem

designer Karol Starczewski
Cyryl Zakrzewski

LOCOSYSTEM offers modular storage for clothing.
Drawer modules are the basis.
They can be a separate dresser or can be overbuilt with modules for hanging clothes.
For longer clothes there are higher hanging modules, for shorter clothes there are lower ones.
This makes it easy to configure a complete closet, tailor-made to your needs.

Work desks for children and adults

designer Cyryl Zakrzewski

Adjustable desks ensure a comfortable working position for every user thanks to their adjustable height.
The raised top allows you to draw or work comfortably with a pen and tablet.
Drawers and storage create a tidy workspace and a place for everything you need at your desk.
LOCOSYSTEM desks are equipped with specially designed bins and a system to organize cabling.


designer Karol Starczewski

Product in prototyping phase, welcome soon.


designer Karol Starczewski

Rectangular and triangular containers designed by Karol Starczewski are a complement to LOCOSYSTEM bookcases. They are modules that can be used to create platforms of any shape and size, depending on the needs and size of the interior. Lined with LOCOSYSTEM cushions they will create a comfortable place for social meetings or play for parents with children. Separate the space to work at home, and even serve as a place to sleep.

Design of textile accessories: Katarzyna Laskowska, Anna Trafas-Kowalczyk.

Various shapes of shelves

designer Karol Starczewski

This is a dream come true for all lovers of functional interiors. Especially those who appreciate modular solutions that allow you to quickly and easily model and change the space in which they live. Just like using Lego bricks. It is stable, light and easy to assemble. It is perfect for both private and public spaces. The designer's patented screwless fastening system allows the shelves to be assembled easily, without the use of tools.

Design of textile accessories: Katarzyna Laskowska, Anna Trafas-Kowalczyk


designer Karol Starczewski

Furnishing public spaces is a topic that occupies many designers today. Rarely, however, does anyone manage to make a piece of furniture smile. Karol Starczewski's bench can do just that. Its light, openwork construction fits perfectly in virtually any public space. It allows you to stop running, sit down, contemplate the world around you and rest for a while from the hustle and bustle of the city.

SMILE bench can be seen in the Rondo Passage in Poznan.
Prototype modeling: Grzegorz Pawłowski, Mateusz Grabarczyk


designer HAYKA

This bedding design with photo-realistic prints of straw and hay was born out of a longing for summer and nights spent outdoors.
HAYKA is a private straw or haystack of domestic use. Discerning users will find it not only a substitute for summer adventure, but also some intriguing creatures and objects.
There are mice, a moth, a ladybug, a lost button, a penny, a in hay.


designer Ronen Kadushin

The ITALIC bookcase owes its name to the slanted typeface. The slanted dividers and unlevel shelves of which the bookcase is composed refer to the typographic form of italics. They can be assembled in many different ways and configurations, guaranteeing virtually unlimited arrangement possibilities. The bookcase can serve both as wall-mounted and free-standing furniture, dividing the interior space.



designer Rajmund Teofil Hałas

The latest product in the "Icons of Polish Design" series. Family of three wooden chairs. Each is available in three colors: red, white and black. Their dynamic, yet simple, functional and refined in every detail form will add character to any interior. Designed in the years 1957-62 by famous professor, Rajmund Teofil Halas. Their prototypes made in the 60s did not enter into production. Reconstructed and put into production for the first time by


designer Designworks & Research LAB

N-GON is about lines, edges and surfaces. Created for those who appreciate clarity, simplicity and minimalism. The design is inspired by the principles of constructivism and the works of Buckminster Fuller. Each N-GON Onlywood is handcrafted from fine walnut woods, with other wood species available upon request.


designer DŁUTO

In a world of established norms and patterns he appears: fluid, wiry, irrepressible. Dali.
Coffee table with an irregular form, which DŁUTO group, that is Poznan designers Mateusz Ligocki and Adam Verda, were inspired by the paintings of the famous surrealist Salvador Dalí.


designer Ryszard Mańczak

A table with functional containers for your favorite gadgets at your fingertips. The containers are table legs with corian inserts.
This allows them to serve as vases for cut flowers. Construction made of foiled plywood.


designer: Ryszard Mańczak

The two-seater sofa was intended by its designer to refer to a boat thrown ashore by the sea. However, the wavy contour line gave it the appearance of a woman's mouth. This association reinforces the name given to it. The casing of the sofa is made of painted MDF. The soft seat is covered with wool fabric. It is ideal for various types of spaces - residences, modern lofts and apartments.


designer Ryszard Mańczak

A set of two unusual pouffes, which are used not only for sitting. They can be unfolded and combined in many ways, creating a lounger, mattress, or even a comfortable double bed.
The ingenuity of the design is matched by the perfection of the details. The zipper tag that closes the folded pouffe is made of silver - different for the women's version, different for the men's.


designer: Michał Kowalski

Symmetrical board for windsurfing and ice kiting. Lightweight and small to fit easily in your car.
Irbis is equipped with a longboard torsion system, four skids made of high-grade stainless steel, slide bearings made of cold-resistant plastic. The body is made of wooden plywood.
There is a stiffening system underneath. The board has printed graphics and an anti-slip surface.


designer Ryszard Mańczak

PARABOLICA is a minimalist table lamp designed by Ryszard Manczak. It is made of a single sheet of Priplak pierced with a screwed-in bulb holder. The lamp's construction is based on alternating arcs which stiffen each other, resulting in a monolithic solid with asymmetrical shapes. The lamp will illuminate the surroundings with warm light and enliven any space, introducing a touch of soft geometry.


designer: Maja Uzarowicz

RUNAWAY is a lamp with a very simple, almost intuitive design, which, if necessary, can be folded and hidden in a closet or moved to a new space. Their shape refers to a traditional lamp with a lampshade, which everyone knows and associates with something pleasant and familiar.


designer Michał Kowalski

COSY are light and nice to touch. Children will certainly find many uses for them - for collecting trinkets, for playing, as a house for teddy bears or cats, and adults will find them useful for organizing and storing household and personal items.


designer: Michał Kowalski

Good interior lighting creates a positive mood and brightens the mind; friendly light promotes good thoughts. Not only the soft diffusion and the right color of light are important but also the form of the lamp. COSY designed by Michał Kowalski imitates shapes from nature - the head of a poppy, a pumpkin or the carapace of a sea urchin. Their bionic forms fit perfectly in interiors of any style. Lampshades made of elastic material in milk or grey color are created by connecting individual elements with "zipper". The connection points form a decorative weave.


designer Michał Kowalski

Good lighting of the interior in which we find ourselves puts us in a positive mood, improves our well-being and brightens up our mind. Friendly light promotes good thoughts. Not only the soft, friendly color of the light is important, but also the form of the lamp. COSY lamps reproduce shapes from nature - the head of a poppy, a pumpkin or the shell of a sea urchin. Bionic forms fit perfectly in interiors of any style. Lampshades made of thick felt are created by combining elements by braiding them on the principle of a zipper. The joining points create a decorative motif.


designer:Karol Starczewski

The table designed by Karol Starczewski is changeable like the phases of the moon. It consists of three parts, which joined together form a comfortable round table, ideal for a typical leisure set - two armchairs and a sofa. The individual pieces can be used separately as three handy tables, while the two joined parts form a remarkable and comfortable oblong table. The construction of steel legs ensures very good stability of each part of the table and at the same time makes it possible to slide the wooden top over the seat of the armchair or sofa.


designer Tomasz Augustyniak

ZUCH is a steel table designed by Tomasz Augustyniak. It has three legs and oak knobs. The upper top is equipped with a practical container for pens, pencils, crayons ... you can also put a bouquet of flowers to dry or rolled up newspaper.ZUCH is simple, functional and extremely decorative. It will decorate and perfectly fit into any interior. The inspiration for the project was Willys JEEP - military car from 1940, the quintessence of the industrial form resulting from the function and technology used.


designer: Karol Starczewski

When you hear "rocking chair," do you think of your grandmother's old rocking chair? Nothing could be further from the truth. Karol Starczewski's rocking armchair is a modern, multifunctional piece of furniture that can be used in any space. It can be an armchair, a two-seater sofa, a daybed, a bed, whenever you need it. Where is the top and where is the bottom? Where is the front and where is the back? Do you sit here or do you lie down? Here is a piece of furniture for the "twisted", "crazy", "flying away". They will know perfectly how to use it.


designer Zofia Żadan

The starting point was the desire to create a piece of furniture for a small, often rented apartment. This piece of furniture was to organize and tidy the space, using the habits of its users, such as hanging things on the doorknobs or backs of chairs, while at the same time bringing some color and fun to the interior. The form of the screens is simple, thanks to which, after hanging clothes and bags on them, the furniture does not overwhelm the interior and does not increase the sense of chaos. It is varied only by the color of the fabric and colorful hooks with a slightly organic form. The other, smooth side of the screen can be used as a screen for the projector (in the largest of the screens) or simply hide the part with the closet.


designer: Karol Starczewski

Designed by Karol Starczewski KOZIOŁKI is a simple and solid table base. Their original, dynamic form alludes to interconnected arches and is an aesthetic diversification of a simple table top. Ideal for work when you need a larger, functional surface. Made of flexible deciduous plywood. The trestles can be connected with each other by means of a rectangular frame, which provides additional protection and increases the stability of the table. You can order only the trestles or the whole set with the frame and top. The table top is made of dendrolight board covered with a furniture desktop made by Forbo in graphite color.


designer Karol Starczewski

Karol Starczewski, apart from his love for wood and designing furniture out of this noble, natural material, has another great passion - sailing. The design of the CD chair materializes both these interests. The seat and backrest made of materials from the world of yachting are reminiscent of a sail filled with wind, while the light yet stable and resistant construction of the wooden frame - made of beech or sapele - is reminiscent of a yacht sailing against the wind. Thanks to its simplicity and functionality it offers almost unlimited possibilities of arrangement in your home, terrace or garden. CD chair is foldable and lightweight, so you can quickly and easily move it wherever you want.


designer: Cyryl Zakrzewski

At first glance, it is difficult to tell whether MODUS TERRA is a sculptural object or a functional one. No wonder, because the lamp designed by sculptor Cyril Zakrzewski delights with its original form taken from nature. Natural material, natural shape, natural beauty. The MODUS TERRA lamp will naturally warm and illuminate any space.
Klosz wykonany techniką papier-mâchéz recyklingu papieru, a podstawa lampy z naturalnej sklejki liściastej. MODUS TERRA występuje w dwóch wariantach: jako lampa wisząca albo wolnostojąca lampa stołowa lub podłogowa. Na zamówienie wykonujemy klosze w dwóch wielkościach (o średnicy 34 albo 50 cm). W lampie wykorzystano ciepłe oświetlenie ledowe.


designer Cyryl Zakrzewski

Natural material, natural form, natural beauty. The designer values above all the inspiration of nature. Naturally, he also invites you to seek your own interpretation of this original form and find a natural environment for it. Modus TERRA LED will certainly warm it up.

zestaw mebli quantum

designer: Stanisław Figiel

designed by Prof. Stanisław Figl, head of the Furniture Design Studio at the Faculty of Interior Architecture and Design in the Furniture Department of Wrocław Academy of Fine Arts, is a modern family of furniture. The chair, armchair and table included in the set are based on the same motif. Simple, repeated geometric forms set at different angles are a dynamic, distinctive point in space, and at the same time an attractive, functional and comfortable furniture set. The construction elements of the QUANTUM furniture set are made of beech wood, the upholstered elements are made of high quality upholstery fabric, and the table top is made of tempered glass. We are pleased to announce that the chair produced by Nowy Model since 2016 is a finalist in the jubilee 25th edition of the competition Good Design 2018 for the best designed product and service on the Polish market, in which it received a special award from the Minister of Culture and National Heritage!
The competition is organized by the Institute of Industrial Design.


designer prof. Wojciech Hora

Product from the series "Icons of Polish design". The graduation work of Wojciech Hora, the current rector of the University of Arts in Poznań, from 1987, realized and put into production by in 2013. In 1988, the project was presented at an exhibition at the Zachęta Gallery and brought the author an award for the best graduation project in furniture design and a scholarship from the Ministry of Culture and Art. The student's workspace consists of a desk, the height and angle of which can be easily adjusted to the user's changing needs and, after lowering the desktop, can serve as a writing board, as well as a comfortable working chair. The furniture is made of glued beech slats finished with ecological oil, connected with stainless steel brackets. The surface of the tabletop is made of plywood finished with Forbo furniture desktop, and its edges are made of beech wood.


designer: Studio Tkaniny

A family of cushions and pouffes in various sizes, made from a rectangular band of fabric, fastened together with a zipper. The zipper connects the fabric along the diagonals of the solid. It has a structural and decorative function. Inside there is a silicone insert in a pillowcase of contrasting color.


designer Studio Tkaniny

ETNA round cushion is a decoration for an armchair or sofa. It can also be used as an independent seat. Cut from a long rectangle of gray linen fabric twisted 360 degrees. It is moved through the hole in the pillowcase filled with silicone granules. The edges are fastened with a hoop of woolen fabric in a contrasting color with zippers. Zippers allow you to remove the pillow cover for cleaning.


designer Studio Tkaniny

Two identical fabric formats stitched together in contrasting colors challenge the ordinary cushion. The two-dimensional use of fabric emphasizes the spatial shape of the seat.


designer Studio Tkaniny

Two identical fabric formats stitched together in contrasting colors challenge the ordinary cushion. The two-dimensional use of fabric emphasizes the spatial shape of the seat.


designer: MEESH

A pouffe that encourages you to relax and slow down. Inspired by organic structures and underwater colors.


designer: Paweł Grajkowski

Paweł Grajkowski has designed a solution which will satisfy all followers of simplicity and contemporary design. Based on one, repeatable module, the system for individual construction of shelves and bookcases is an original and functional piece of furniture. Individual modules can be combined in two ways - with internal and external surface of "wings". This allows you to compose a unique arrangement of furniture according to your own imagination and adjust it to the size of the interior. It is ideal for living room, home library, office or as a store display system. Shelves are made of bent plywood, covered with carefully selected, natural veneer, which makes each piece differs in grain


designer: Karol Starczewski

Self-service exhibition system / stands / rolling walls


designer: Karol Starczewski

Self-service exhibition platform system.


designer: Karol Starczewski

Made of durable stainless steel and solid PVC. Strong and stable, frost and waterproof. Connects in a row of any length. Convenient 12cm high drop-in spaces allow you to throw in up to 5 liter Pet bottles. Convenient lid lifting mechanism equipped with an actuator and a simple and reliable system of bag attachment and replacement, ensure convenient use. The special design of the lid opening allows the containers to be placed against the wall. Ashtray that can be placed in the lid allows for safe and convenient use and easy emptying and cleaning.


designer: Zbiegniew Weremczuk

Good design is all about the idea. The simplest form of a chest inspired the designer to create a set of furniture for small apartments, children's rooms or terraces. The chest can be a seat, a table and even a mini sofa.

lampy na zamówienie

designer: Cyryl Zakrzewski

Save the planet

designer: Cyryl Zakrzewski