Cooperation with the organization

The organization brings together designers and craftsmen to create furniture and home furnishings together. Furniture that is too interesting and too solid to be mass-produced.

Using the latest digital technologies, we prepare prototypes and implement the most interesting designs for production in short series. We entrust the execution of well-designed and prototyped models to expert craftsmen and reliable manufacturers in the industry.

Our goal is to support domestic, highly skilled crafts by implementing Polish design.

Every day good Polish factories close down because they cannot find orders in a market controlled by mass, corporate vendors. Every day Polish craftsmen and designers are forced to look for other work abroad.

We want the skills of Polish designers to contribute to the prosperity of Polish entrepreneurs.

We want domestic manufacturers to supply Polish homes with modern, solid furniture.

Yes, we are passionate.

We see sense in protecting the market from unification and flooding with mass products.

We see meaning in supporting our technology traditions.

We see and value the tradition and potential of Polish design.

If you think like us and understand our ideas - get involved.

Any help is appreciated!

We invite you to contact us and cooperate.

We encourage you to view and review the projects on our website.

Please feel free to recommend and promote us.

We invite you to use and enjoy the products that have been created according to our idea.