Studio Tkaniny

Studio Tkaniny


"Fabric is an excellent design material. It is to a designer what clay is to a sculptor."

Anna Trafas-Kowalczyk i Justyna Bagińska-Stosik

They are graduates of the Faculty of Interior and Industrial Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan. They have been working in tandem since 2001. Before they joined forces, Anna designed furniture and interiors, and Justyna the packaging. Now they deal with interior decoration with fabrics.

They break traditional thinking about fabric as a two-dimensional matter and give it a third dimension. The projects created in the Textile Studio led by them are on the verge of utilitarian objects and sculptures.

"It decorates, envelops, muffles echoes, shields from the sun and jealous gaze, warms in cold weather, shields from dust, but never plays a starring role in an interior. We want to break with this convention. From now on, let it crease, wave, twirl with a ribbon, stretch, pull, filter, rip and fray! Let it give rhythm, direction, embrace, divide, accent and arrange the interior" - this is how designers talk about their fascination with fabric and possibilities of its innovative use.

They presented their projects at the author's exhibition of textile architecture "Pragma Space" in Poznań (2011), as part of "Arena Design" at the Poznan International Fair (2012) and "Pack Design From Wielkopolska" in Milan (2013).