Ryszard Mańczak

Ryszard Mańczak


"I try to make my designs as much fun for the viewer to use as they are for me to create.

Graduate of the Faculty of Interior and Industrial Design of the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań (1994). He spread his wings under the guidance of excellent professors - Rajmund Halas in the Inspirational Design Studio and Włodzimierz Dreszer in the Bionics in Design Studio. He spent three years perfecting his skills at the Visual Communication Design Studio of Prof. Henryk Regimowicz.

In 1992, he founded the Studio of Visual Communication "Prolog", and two years later, the company "Prolog Design" - Visual Information Systems, where he dealt with the design and implementation of directional systems, iconography, unification of coherent image for network clients, implementation of brands, individual design, among others for Lech Browary Wielkopolski, Kulczyk Tradex, Autostrada Wielkopolska, Bank PeKaoSA, PKO BP, Adam Mickiewicz University.
He worked on the interior design of the first Multicinema in Poland. In 2003 he created a concept of Directional Information System for the first part of the Art and Business Center Stary Browar 5050, winner of the first prize in the competition for the best shopping center in the world, awarded by ICSC Phoenix Arizona, USA.

He is fascinated by minimalism, simplicity contained in the geometry of interpenetrating lines and complementary shapes. He is inspired by world-famous designers - monumental Alessandro Mendini, minimalist Giulio Cappellini, colorful Pantone with a bit of madness by Karim Rashid or Philippe Starck and a gentle note of Salvador Dali.

The result of these fascinations are furniture projects which he presented, among others, at his own exhibition "Private Atmosphere" during Tortona Design Week at the Temporary Museum for New Design in Milan in 2012. Among them were a functional sculpture - the GRAZIA sofa, the multifunctional TANGO pouffes, and the VIS@VIS table.