Cyryl Zakrzewski

Cyryl Zakrzewski

design and sculpture

“The trick for me is to become opposites so that the boundaries between them are blurred. Nature and culture, light and darkness are in fact one"

Sculptor, designer, graduate of the Faculty of Sculpture and Spatial Activities of the Poznan University of Arts (year 2011). His diploma was honored in the Maria Dokowicz competition for best diplomas.

Participant of numerous exhibitions in Poland and abroad (japan, Italy, Slovenia, Austria). in 2012 he received a scholarship from the marshal of wielkopolska to create a permanent installation in the Botanical Garden on Poznan. In 2013 he was invited to design and create a permanent installation for the Visual Park sculpture park by the Strzeszynski lake. Also in 2013, he won the contest shitsurai art at Kobe biennale with sculpture “blooming Universe”, after the biennale the sculpture was moved to tokyo and was permanently installed at Tokyo Fukudenkai.

Since 2015, he has been working as a designer with foundation. He created dozens of original furniture and interior elements, several of which were introduced to the sale under the brand Both of his works, Sculptures and furniture, are closely related to the world of Nature. Design is treated primarily as an aesthetic form, a kind of specific sculpture that is closer to man, the direct contact is established through use.

He has experience in the prototyping of difficult and unconventional constructions, also has a comprehensive knowledge of the machining and finishing techniques of wood and wood-based materials, castings of aluminum as well as machining of steel. In furniture projects, he works mainly in wood and plywood, often using generative design, CAD and CNC techniques in conjunction with sculptural craft. He pays special attention to make his designs stand out with unique aesthetics while maintaining great functionality.