MEESH is a Polish brand. Created from the belief in the idea of sustainable design. It builds a collection of everyday objects based on local values. It creates solutions which are functionally complex and at the same time maintain the universal language of simple forms. Objects indifferent to fashions. Simple, functional, sincere and open to the user.

We believe in quality, functionality and timeless values. We are inspired by Polish tradition and material culture. Our items are made of high quality raw materials. As a rule we cooperate with Polish craftsmen and manufacturers. We are interested in creating conscious objects, which will become friends of everyday life.

MEESH is socially responsible design. Conscious and prudent use of materials. Environmentally friendly. Functionality. Simplicity of forms. Openness to inspiration.

The owner and originator of the MEESH brand is Katarzyna Lewandowska, a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.