Maja Uzarowicz

Maja Uzarowicz

interior design

"I am inspired by design that treats humans and their living spaces holistically.

Graduate of the Faculty of Interior and Industrial Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań (2009). The diploma project, developed under the supervision of Dr. Marzena Wolińska, was nominated for the Maria Dokowicz Competition and presented at the Poznań Arsenal Gallery. It was a MOBILE HOME, a house for contemporary nomads, housed in a suitcase of 80×55 cm size.

Currently the domain of her creative activity are also interiors. She cooperates with Adam Pulwicki in "Pulva" design studio, with whom she also develops the idea of authorial floral studio "17/8".

Simplicity, functionality, perfect detail and above all harmony and coherence are the most important signposts which guide him in designing furniture, lighting, ceramics, graphics and entire interiors. After several years of working on widely understood human space, he better understands - as he claims - his attitude towards an object and the inseparable bond of a single thing with a place and context in which it is to be placed.

An excellent model for her is Japanese minimalism with its very austere yet sublime bionic design. In particular, the work of the "Nendo" studio team, which grapples with many areas of design, motivates her to keep searching.