Szymon Filoda

Szymon Filoda


"What fascinates me about my design is more than thinking about functionality and ergonomics.

Designer, craftsman and entrepreneur. Graduate of the Faculty of Architecture and Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań (2008). His graduation project was LIMBE armchair intended for mass production. He made the prototype himself with the support of Abc Forms Seating company.

When he began his art studies, he already had a thorough education and extensive professional experience in carpentry, foundry modeling, wood technology and antique furniture conservation.

He graduated from the Secondary School of Wood Technology and the Secondary School of Arts and Crafts. In 2000 he established Sz. Filoda's Patternmaking workshop, which has cooperated with such companies as Man, Solaris, Schattdecor and Profim.
He was a co-founder of the Squid Design Studio, which he now runs independently. In 2009, Squid Design Studio was awarded the title of Academic Entrepreneurship Leader by the Mayor of Poznań, the President of Poznań International Fair, the Starost of Poznań and the President of the Wielkopolska Voivodeship Economic Council. In 2010, it took part in the exhibition at the National Gallery in Prague, which was the largest presentation of Polish design in the Czech Republic.

He works with as a designer and technologist.

Privately, he is passionate about diving and underwater photography, interested in ichthyology, hydrology and boatbuilding, practicing road cycling and martial arts.