Bogusława i Czesław Kowalscy

Bogusława i Czesław Kowalscy

interior design

"Kowalski's Furniture" - the most popular in the People's Republic of Poland simple sets of "segments", in other words "folding furniture" or "wall units" - accompanied millions of Poles for almost thirty years. Today most of us have either forgotten about the "Kowalski" or think that the popular name was just a propaganda trick.

Bogusława and Czesław Kowalski - creating once in a team, and once alone - during several dozen years of work, they have won numerous awards and decorations.
The earliest joint achievement took place while still a student, in March 1956: the first prize in the set design competition for "Godiwa" by Leopold Staff, soon backed by the victory of this production at the nationwide student theater festival in Warsaw.

The two most important awards in the life of Bogusława and Czesław, won together, are a two-time victory in national furniture competitions announced by the Association of Polish Artists and Designers and the Furniture Industry Association in 1961-1963 and in 1973. Both resulted in subsequent generations of "Kowalski Furniture", then produced throughout the country in millions of copies.

For Czesław, the Prize of the City of Poznań for achievements in the field of interior design (1966) was certainly important, and for Bogusława - several first prizes won at Cepelia competitions and at the Poznań Fair for stylish furniture designs and the so-called "Wooden accessories" (1970, 1973, 1974, 1977, 1978, 1979).