Aleksander Kuczma

Aleksander Kuczma

desing i rzeźba

"The furniture should be flawless and that's it!"

A sculptor by education, a longtime furniture designer, whose progress towards Polish classics. He has participated in exhibitions of Polish design in Poland and abroad.

A tutor of several generations of designers at art academies in Poznań. Currently a lecturer at the Design Institute of the Koszalin University of Technology.

A graduate of the Faculty of Sculpture at the PWSSP in Poznań (diploma in 1964 in the field of sculpture in the studio of Prof. Bazyli Wojtowicz).

In 1981 he was a teacher at this university, which in 1996 evolved into the Academy of Fine Arts. In 1981 he founded the Design Polymer Studio there, and in a few years he took over the management of the 3rd Furniture Design Studio. In 1999 he got the title of professor