Kowalski's chair


„Meble Kowalskich”

– najpopularniejsze w PRLu proste zestawy „segmentów”, inaczej „mebli składankowych” czy „meblościanek” – towarzyszyły milionom Polaków przez prawie trzydzieści lat. Dziś większość z nas albo już o „Kowalskich” zapomniała, albo też sądzi, że w popularnej nazwie chodziło tylko o chwyt propagandowy.


69.00 5,000.00 

A product from the “Icons of Polish design” series.

Designer: Bogusława i Czesław Kowalscy




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A product from the “Icons of Polish design” series.

A classic Kowalski’s chair, formerly a part of a legendary set that has never made it to production, has finally got a physical shape.

Elegant, light, slender, bright, comfy, and stylish.

The chairs are made of beechwood and bent plywood vernished with natural chestnut veneer obtained from natural chestnut trees – thus making every piece differ in colour and texture. The wood is beautiful for it isdifferent every time around.

The design comes from the rich variety of Polish design. They’re hand-made so every piece is unique. You won’t find another chair like this anywhere.

nowymodel.org is the first to show this design.

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75 cm


40 working days


4 chairs set, kowalski chair, Meble Kowalskich book


42 cm


46 cm

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