designer Michał Dumin

PLN 950

A usually inconspicuous item, that rarely attracts anyone’s attention – in this case its hard to pass by indifferently. A plywood coat stand – simple, yet intriguing. Organic, undulant line, alluding to the shape of a tree or antlers, combines functionality and aesthetics in a natural fashion. Should we not use it according to its purpose, it serves as a decoration. It could be displayed as a scenic decoration, or hidden under some clothes. Its orderly asymmetry will liven up any traditionally arranged interior, while still leaving a lot of room to maneuver for those that enjoy experiments.


Michał Dumin
Graduate of the Faculty of Design at the University of Arts in Poznan. He works as an independent designer. He cooperates with clients both in the field of creating design forms as well as widely understood branding and graphics. His designs are strongly inspired by elements of nature.