designer Karol Starczewski

PLN 900

Side table to further add to your flying bed HAPPY. It was released with the thought of those you wanting that you want a little more time than just a few hours of sleep. The tables can be set by setting positions that extend along and across the poses, from the inside and the sense of the user. HAPPY furniture can be arranged in an interior that will satisfy customers who appreciate and modern design, high-class ash materials are noble. For the best distinction between wood and wood, use the Livos oils option


Karol Starczewski
"I want Polish designers' abilities to find recognition and contribute to the success of Polish entrepreneurs." A cultural studies and psycholinguist by education. For over 20 years he has been running several ventures, including a charter company Tastysailing, a number of software projects, a photography studio DigiTouch, an advertising agency Zoom design. He designs innovative solutions in IT, communication, exhibition, interior design and industrial design. He holds a number of patents for systemic construction solutions for furniture and exhibition, as well as original training programs in the field of communication psychology. He was the creator of the first Polish photo bank created under the name of DigiTouch Collection in 1997. He carried out his own program of propagating Polish photography by opening the DigiTouch Gallery in Berlin in 2000. He curated a number of exhibitions and expositions, including the first posthumous retrospective exhibition of Edward Hartwig. He patronized exhibitions by Tadeusz Rolke, Bogdan Dziworski, Piotr Stasik, Jan Bortkiewicz, Michał Wasążnik, and many other artists. Passionate and an expert in good design, he is involved in the promotion of Polish design and original technical solutions. He deals with inventiveness and industrial design. He also designs interiors, furniture, and exhibition systems. The organisation nowyodel.org is his idea and his latest creation. It is a teamwork place for designers, craftsmen, technologists, graphic designers, IT specialists, and promotion and marketing specialists. Using the latest digital technologies, it prepares prototypes and puts the most interesting designs into production in short series. He entrusts the production of well-designed models to expert craftsmen and reliable industry manufacturers. Privately a sailor and traveller.