HAPPY – Levitating shelf (LSH)

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Designer: Karol Starczewski



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­Levitating shelf HAPPY (LSH)

Early production levitating shelves HAPPY provided with the HLP (Human Like Personality) system used to play tricks. Often, they changed their place of residence. Some would throw the books on the users’ heads when they thought they were not reading enough.
We now offer a completely secure version of LSH. We managed to fix the shelf to the wall with the help of dowels.
Yet, the shelf still levitates at a certain distance from the wall.
However, since we consider this behavior to be amusing, we did not try to curb them.

LSH may shine on request. Models equipped with LED lamps always carry a book with a trusting HAPPY sign on its cover in which they store chargers and wires.
Apart from to the HLP system, the construction of which is kept a secret, the shelves are made from the highest quality oiled ash wood.
Fastenings which we used to tame volatile tendencies of the shelves are made of solid stainless steel.

Led lighting consists of two strips – 30 watts each, the switch is placed in the book with the HAPPY sign.
Lamps can be powered from a wall outlet with an orange colored decorative cord. Negotiations with the shelves regarding a different cord color were unfortunately unsuccessful.

LPH is part of the HAPPY system, which includes a flying HAPPY bed, tables and benches.
The flying carpet visible on some promotional materials, for security reasons, is not included.

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20 dni roboczych


shelf without lighting


oiled ash wood, stainless steel