noise sideboard

designer Cyryl Zakrzewski

The noise sideboard is a fusion of traditionalcraftsmanship and simple shape withthemost modern materials , CNC techniquesandparametric programming . It was designed to achieve stunning visualeffects with a sense of luxury combinedwith great functionality and using as muchrecycled plastic waste as possible . The furniture is moisture resistant and fullyrecyclable . Each board of plastic is uniqueand was specially designed and carefully manufactured .
The pattern achieved by combining twomaterials can resemble a natural stone . However with a closer look becomes amanifestation of the problem of plasticwaste .

Cyryl Zakrzewski
"The art for me is to contain opposites in form so that the boundaries between them become blurred. Nature and culture, light and darkness are in fact one". Born in 1986, an artist for whom every form is a work of art, although the closer to nature the better. Graduated from the Faculty of Sculpture and Spatial Activities at the UAP in Poznań in 2011 with an honours degree - Maria Dokowicz Competition. Participant of numerous exhibitions at home and abroad (Japan, Italy, Slovenia, Austria). Author of permanent installations in public space in Poznań (UAM Botanical Garden and on the Strzeszyński lake), Japan (Tokyo - Fukudenkai) and Slovenia (Ptuj). He treats design as an aesthetic and functional form, but not necessarily devoid of a hidden reflection on the surrounding world.