Flying bed HAPPY

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Designer: Karol Starczewski




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­Flying bed HAPPY

The inspiration behind the HAPPY system is the designer’s idea of ​​levitating furniture.
First prototypes of flying bed HAPPY provided with the HLP (Human Like Personality) system used to play tricks. They floated in the room at different heights, which could made a sleepy user fall from a relatively great height.

We now offer a completely secure version of LLH which we achieved by implementing a solid bed base.
Flying bed HAPPY is designed for those who like to spend more time in bed than just a few hours of sleep. The bed frame can be additionally equipped with movable head rests, tables, lamps and a desktop.

Each element can be freely fastened either along or across the bed, depending on its positioning in the room and user needs.
Head rests support your head and allow for a comfortable sitting position.
Side tables can be equipped with special pockets to help you organize cables and chargers.
The mobile desktop enables you to work with a laptop or enjoy a comfortable breakfast in bed.
The lamp gives linear LED lighting ideal for reading in bed. It can also be used as a mood lighting bed headboard.

The HAPPY system is a unique comprehensive solution for hotel rooms. HAPPY furniture allows you to arrange an interior that will satisfy customers who appreciate fine materials and modern design.
HAPPY furniture is made of top quality ash wood. To highlight the beauty of natural wood design, we used Livos’ eco-friendly oils to finish the it.

HAPPY bed is available in 3 widths:

– 140 cm
– 160 cm
– 200 cm

And in 2 variants:
– home (50 cm high for a 25 cm mattress) with bedding box inside the bed,
– and hotel (proposed height 55cm for mattress 25cm) – without chest, available on individual order.

Suitable for both 15-16 cm and 25 cm thick and thicker mattresses.

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20 dni roboczych


accessories, bed 140 cm, bed 160 cm, bed 200 cm


oiled ash wood, stainless steel


laptop table, lamp, side table, without accessories