The ABCs of Polish Design


Together with the Adam Mickiewicz institute we’re counting down towards the opening of the Gdynia Design Days Festival, hosting the ABCs of Polish Design – an exhibition showing 100 most important Polish designs of the last century, and among them, the “adjustable height bookcase” by prof. Rajmund T. Hałas.
The exhibition will take place in Gdynia first, from 30th of June to 9th of July 2017, and will be moved to Budapest afterwards, where it’s going to be available for another month, September 25th to October 25th 2017.

The exhibtion is organised by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute /
Co-organised by: Gdynia Design Days and Regional Museum in Stalowa Wola
Supported by Niepodległa, a program by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage

“…One hundred years – one hundred Polish designs. During the Gdynia Design Days, The ABCs of Polish Design exhibition will present some of the most important Polish designs of the past century.

It’s not easy to show one hundred years of Polish design in just one hundred objects. Which ones were really the most important? The most intriguing? How does one choose? How does one show more than just the iconic designs that everyone knows?

In Gdynia, The ABCs of Polish Design exhibition will present the best of Polish product design – furniture, ceramics and glassware – and more: typography, toys, sporting equipment and even sweets! Contemporary design will be presented alongside classic designs and everyday favourites. The exhibition is a journey through the history of Polish design: the pieces are presented in chronological order.

The exhibition will also present interpretations of these design icons – twenty-five contemporary Polish illustrators and graphic designers were asked to share their visual interpretations of the pieces on display. Moreover, the exhibition will also share the stories behind each of the designs: find out about the designers, their inspirations and their creative process.

Illustrators & graphic designers who contributed to the exhibition:
Jacek Ambrożewski, Edgar Bąk, Maciek Blaźniak, Katarzyna Bogucka, Ada Buchholc, Iwona Chmielewska, Robert Czajka, Agata Dudek, Emilia Dziubak, Małgorzata Gurowska, Monika Hanulak, Marta Ignerska, Tymek Jezierski, Paweł Jońca, Agata Królak, Grażka Lange, Patryk Mogilnicki, Piotr Młodożeniec, Ania Niemierko, Ola Niepsuj, Marianna Oklejak, Paweł Pawlak, Dawid Ryski, Marianna Sztyma

The exhibition is organised by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute as part of its Polska Design programme promoting Polish design worldwide. The exhibition is co-organised by:
– the Gdynia Design Days is an annual festival showcasing the latest trends and best practices in the field of design. Brimming with inspiring exhibitions, lectures, workshops and discussions the program is aimed at both professionals, young entrepreneurs and design enthusiasts looking for inspiration for creative activities and creative leisure time. For the 10 days in July Gdynia becomes the best summer meeting place for the design industry.
– and the Regional Museum in Stalowa Wola.

The presentation has been produced as part of the international cultural programme accompanying Poland’s centenary of regaining independence Niepodległa…”

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