We’re a team of enthusiasts striving towards adding a new chapter to the wonderful history of Polish design.

For this purpose we’ve created nowymodel.org, an organization producing selected pieces of modern furniture, and other household and garden equipment.
We’re also bringing gems of design of the past back to life, meaning the furniture designed by outstanding creators that have never been produced or have been forgotten despite being classics of today’s design.

We entrust the production to domestic, reliable craftsmen and small companies.

Quality and exceptionality are our main priorities. Nowymodel.org’s on-line store allows you to become an owner of a unique and professionally designed item, as we carry out individual orders.

We also place emphasis on reasonable prices. Design does not have to be a luxury outside of an average price range, however it does pay off to spend a little more to enjoy beautiful and durable items. In comparison to anonymous, mass produced goods available in chain stores Polish designer furniture have the upper hand of being exclusive and reasonably priced.

Buying design is equally exciting as collecting pieces of art. An unexpensive item by a budding designer gains value over time. Their proprietor has an opportunity to become one of the few, or even the only owner of a piece signed by an author that might just become well known and trendy.

We’re trying to give every one of our clients such an opportunity by promoting the designers associated with nowymodel.org, along with their works, on prestigious art exhibitions and fairs, among others: “Domesticated Design” in Wrocław, design fairs in Berlin, and the WAWA Design Festival.

Get familiar with the designers working for you, appraise their designs. Realize that fine design is created in Poland and is within your reach.