Karol Starczewski

“I want the abilities of Polish designers to get appreciated and contribute towards the success of Polish entrepreneurs.”

A graduate of the culture studies department of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań.
For the past 20 years he’s ran the DigiTouch photographic studio and an advertising agency under the name of Zoom. Karol designs innovative solutions in information technology, communication, exhibition, and interior design.

He prides himself in a range of patents in the fields of systemic construction solutions for the furniture industry and exhibition business, and authorial programs of trainings in psychology of communication.

In 1997 he’s created the first photo bank in Poland, the DigiTouch Collection. Later, Starczewski has implemented an authorial program for the popularisation of Polish photography by founding the DigiTouch gallery in Berlin in 2000. He’s curated numerous exhibitions and expositions, among others the first postmortal retrospective exhibition of Edward Hartwig.
Exhibitions of Tadeusz Rolke, Bogdan Dziworski, Piotr Stasik, Jan Bortkiewicz, Michał Wasšżnik, and many more artists have been organised under his auspice.
A passionate connoisseur of fine design, takes an active role in the promotion of Polish design and original technical solutions. Designs furniture and exhibition systems.

Nowymodel.org is his brainchild and most recent achievement. Its a place of teamwork for designers, craftsmen, technologists, graphic designers, IT specialists, and photographers. Utilizing the latest digital technologies Karol prepares prototypes and implements the most interesting projects into production in short series. He entrusts the production to expert craftsmen and reliable producers.
In his spare time he sails, travels, promotes eco cuisine based on local products, and is a wine connoisseur.