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Polski design


We entrust the production to domestic,
reliable craftsmen and small companies.



A place to realize projects in:
We model, prototype, promote, and distribute.


The revival of classic Polish design, a 1960’s bookcase designed by. Prof. Rajmund Teofil Hałas, the Head of the Industrial Design Chair at the State University of Arts (PWSSP) in Poznań.
A simple and functional piece of furniture whose assembly takes only several minutes, without the use of any tools.

A product from the “Icons of Polish design” series.

A unique system of connecting shelves with the use of stainless steel fastenings provides for their free configuration horizontally and vertically. The bookcase may be both positioned by the wall and be free-standing, dividing the space. Made of oiled oak tree.
Available for the first time!


Imagine a warm, sunny day, add some beautiful green lawn under your terrace.
But what is that supposed to mean? A terrace without a chair? No way!
The chair is foldable. All you need to do is set it up and comfortably sit down and enjoy the leisure in idyllic surroundings.
Unexpected guests? A family reunion? Preparations for a photoshoot?
Not a problem – Karol’s CD chair will provide everyone with a seat among their friends.


“A product from the “Icons of Polish design” series.”

Our collection of furniture designed by professor Rajmund Teofil Hałas welcomes a new piece – the IMUGO stool.
It got its name as a result of being a mature and complete form, and light as a feather, subtle, and graceful at the same time.
Working on it was sheer pleasure. Thank you, Master!
Due to its originality this stool really stands out compared to mass-produced works.
Being hand-made and based on the tradition of Polish design makes it an exceptional item.


“A product from the “Icons of Polish design” series.”
A classic Kowalski’s chair, formerly a part of a legendary set that has never made it to production, has finally got a physical shape.

Elegant, light, slender, bright, comfy, and stylish.

The chairs are made of beechwood and bent plywood with natural chestnut veneer obtained from natural chestnut trees – thus making every piece differ in colour and graining. The wood is beautiful for it is different every time around.
The design comes from the rich variety of Polish design. They’re hand-made so every piece is unique. You won’t find another chair like this anywhere. is the first to show this design.



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